Full Frontal


Duke Of Yorks, Brighton,

Sold Out!


Mobilism Workshop

£595+VAT Inc. Conference

Buy Tickets Includes: Two day workshop with mobile master: PPK, evening meal with PPK and other workshop delegates, full pass to Full Frontal day event, and did we mention PPK? read more

Due to an issue with PayPal, we are only taking payment for this workshop via direct wire transfers. Send us a booking email and the place will be reserved and details on how to pay will be sent.

Node Workshop

£595+VAT/£345+VAT Inc. Conference

Available: One or two day workshop with Remy Sharp, full introduction to Node and using it with HTML5 real-time APIs, evening meal with all 2 day workshop delegates and speakers and full pass to Full Frontal day event. read more
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£129+VAT, Conference only (sold out!)

Includes: Full day conference ticket, complimentary coffee & snacks, access to the After Party and a shed load of awesome JavaScript.

Please note that due to the way StageHQ (our payment system) works, the VAT won't show up separately when buying the tickets (nor in PayPal). VAT has been separately added, and our VAT registration is: 993 1266 95. A VAT invoice can be provided on request.